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Forces of Nature – solo show

Dellupi Arte Gallery is pleased to present the first solo show of the contemporary painter Katrin Fridriks in Italy, from Nov. 30th 2017 to Jan. 31st 2018.

Forces of Nature, the first personal exhibition of the artist in 2017 is curated by Ilaria Porotto and will introduce the public to Fridriks most recent cycle of paint. Presenting the most recent artworks by the artist, “Forces of Nature” show will shed a new light on Katrin Fridriks creative process and offer new keys to the meaning of her body of work.

Fridriks paintings store the energy that went into their creation. An energy that is reactivated each time you view them.” Dr. Klaus Speidel

Fridriks invites her public to get immersed in her fragmented landscapes and animated universes painted by her own throwing gesture; there is a strongly felt force while looking at her creations. Through her paintings, Fridriks plays with scales & perception and one’s vision becomes distorted beyond the canvas. Katrin Fridriks is challenging our usual way of looking at things, just as Nature is unpredictable.

My creativity builds on Nature’s endless ability to surprise, from Mother Earth to Interstellar Space, the forces of Nature you find in every part of the galaxies. Most of my aesthetic originates from viewing our planet’s wonders and extreme phenomena driven by the same energy, impulsed by speed & gravity; they are the core of my work, both technically and mentally.” Katrin Fridriks

“Katrin Fridriks – Forces of Nature” First monograph

The show will coincide with the launch of the artist first monograh “Katrin Fridriks – Forces of Nature”, published by Dellupi Arte Gallery and prefaced by Luigi Dellupi, founder of the gallery, along with an introduction by Ilaria Porotto.

Running over a decade of creation through 250 pages, this monograph gathers several critical quotes by Pierre Restany and Dr. Klaus Speidel, and features statements by the artist.

Pierre Restany to Fridriks (April 2003): “[…] I realize you have the idea of introducing and involving politics in a story through paintings. […] Seeing the way you organize your paintings in sequences or in verses like a discourse, you are at the limit between writing and graphics, painter gesture and semantics; (this is) the limit where you start to read a painting! You have, as those people who work language by both verb and gesture, the ability of extracting large syntheses, with a strong power of impacts on the reader. […] This is a work on the rhythm, the impulse of writing. Filtered through your own reflection, this has become an autonomous language. Those who can, even today, survive, and basically represent the conscience and active nostalgia of this view, existing in your paintings, are those who truly become great visionaries”.

Throwing light on Katrin Fridriks abstract universe and astonishing creations, and highlighted by Ilaria Porotto analysis, this book explains how Katrin Fridriks work brings new perspective and an innovative dimension to abstraction.


1 FRIDRIKS Magic Interstellar Spaces 150x150cm 2017 detail 100dpi

2 FRIDRIKS Magic Interstellar Spaces 150x150+5cm -2017 100dpi

3 FRIDRIKS The Interstellar General of Spaces 100x100+5cm - 2017 100dpi

4 FRIDRIKS The Interstellar Captain of Spaces 70x70+5cm 2017 100dpi

5 FRIDRIKS Blue Magic Heliosphere 100x100+5cm - 2017 100dpi

6 FRIDRIKS Riding Helioshpere Enlightnings II 70x70+5cm - 2017 100dpi

7 FRIDRIKS Riding Helioshpere Enlightnings II 70x70+5cm - 2017 details 100dpi

8 FRIDRIKS Two Magic Wonders 165x200+5cm - 2017 100dpi

10 FRIDRIKS Giant Supernova Enlightning 150x150+5cm - 2017 100dpi

12 FRIDRIKS Mothernature's Awakening 150x150+5cm - 2017 details 100dpi

13 FRIDRIKS Mothernature's Awakening 150x150+5cm - 2017 100dpi

14 FRIDRIKS Divine Solar System 50x50+5cm - 2017 100dpi