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Circle Culture Gallery – Olympia Grand Hall – booth H4

Katrin Fridriks’ new works include perspective studies of the “Crayons”, “Gene&Ethics” and “Stendhal Syndrome” series, her signature works that her followers have enjoyed during her recent international showings.

The new pictorial process is emphasized by the enlargement of her colour drippings.


She covers the canvases with a versatile colour splash, creating a zoom effect referring to the aesthetics of macrophotography, another interesting study of perspective and an innovative technical challenge for the conceptual painter.

final installe crayon 405x250x15cm art13 150dpi

Through this artistic continuum, which is being displayed exclusively at Art13, the architectural dimensions of her abstract paintings declare Fridriks’ interest for monumental works and 3D installations.

Fridriks Gene&ethics-stardust master-170x270x10cm-2013_77dpi

She plays with the size, thickness and format of the canvases to create new dimensions in the perception of her works.

IMG_3317 Fridriks solo show - view -booth ART13 London