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After two successful releases back in June, Katrin Fridriks and AvantArte teamed up once again with Coriander studio print house for another exceptional limited edition.

Stepping up to the challenge of reproducing Iceland-artist’s most vibrant and complex creations, “King of Awakening & Awareness” has been produced by mixing diverse cutting edge printing and post-print technologies and methods.
Putting extra attention to accomplish the vibrancy of the original colors and the complexity of contrasts and shapes, this striking piece is punctiliously re-creating everything from weighty sections of bold colors to the most delicate gradients or dissolving effects. Created using fully archival inkjet technology on 410gsm Somerset enhanced radiant white satin paper, the sections of the image are hand embossed and accented with silkscreened high gloss UV spot varnish. This method re-creates the texture effect and emphasizes the intensity of hues as a signature element of Fridriks’ high-spirited work. The finished fine art product is further completed and protected with another layer of silkscreened protective varnish.

Produced in low edition of only 113 examples, each measuring 85x85cm, these dazzling creations are captivating both on macro and micro scale, just like any other work by the renowned abstract painter.

MORE IINFO : Avantarte.com

Sasha Bogojev

FRIDRIKS-Print test Avant Arte_21sept2017 07_72dpi

3 FRIDRIKS-Print Avant Arte_13oct2017 03 100dpi

FRIDRIKS-Print Avant Arte_13oct2017 26_72dpi

4 FRIDRIKS-Print Avant Arte_13oct2017 12 100dpi

8 FRIDRIKS-Print Avant Arte_13oct2017 02 100dpi

6 FRIDRIKS-Print Avant Arte_13oct2017 18 100dpi

12 FRIDRIKS-Print Avant Arte_13oct2017 08 100dpi