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A certain blue enters your soul

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Rarest and most precious amongst all of the colours to be found in nature, since the earliest days of figurative  arts, blue has  been the Philosopher’s  Stone of artists throughout time. Whether  applied roughly in a cave wall in the African plains hundreds of thousands of years ago, impressed for all eternity in an immortal fresco masterpiece in ancient Rome or Renaissance Florence, or used on a canvas in a modern Paris atelier, blue and its shades have always connected deeply with the human soul. The colour of the divine and the transcendent par-excellence, blue has always represented the link between the spiritual and the material, connecting the sky above us and the seas below us. Silent ruler of our planet, blue is the ultimate horizon, uniting land to waters, embracing both heaven and earth. Our own beautiful home itself is but a blue marble in the limitless ocean of the stars.

Here on earth, blue intrigued for centuries both painters, scientists and common people alike since the dawn of Man, as this pigment is a most fascinating and elusive mystery on its own right:  omnipresent  and  pervasive in nature, it is intriguingly one of the rarest and hardest ones to come by in the world at the same time. The first colour ever to be artificially made by humans, it was first called Egyptian blue, while the later Byzantine blue is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful colours in existence and is found in some of the most sacred places in space and time, like the Hagia Sophia. More precious and sought after than gold at one time, it comes as no surprise that it has always been associated with royalty throughout the ages.

Blue, this Queen amongst colours, represents not only things that are outside of us but plays a deeply significant role in the inner world inside of ourselves as well as it is the colour most often associated  with  the  soul,  with  the  realm of the divine and the transcendent and often thus found in the art to symbolize mystery and the ineffable secrets of the universe: the limitless world of human imagination and creativity. But where do imagination and creativity come from in the first place? Where is its origin? Can we locate it?  Imagination and creativity arise in the brain, we are told, and yet one of the most fundamental and intuitive experiences we can have in life, and one we know intimately to be true, is that we are the observers of our own thoughts. We are capable and indeed do so all day, although without realizing, to observe our own brain thinking and make judgments. Any decision we make every day is a testament to this – so this begs the question then: what does observe the brain and take decisions? It turns out it is something until recently just definable but an ancient word and mostly used in sacred texts and spiritually, but that has recently made a comeback, vindicating itself in the sciences.

Indeed, neuroscience calls it an “Einstein-Bose Condensate”, meaning “a pumped phonon system which is hypothesized to be the substrate of human consciousness”. In layman terms – the soul: the ultimate observer of all things, including our own thoughts, and traveller of all worlds, inner and outer.

The God-Mind  or Over  Soul  experiencing  itself  subjectively  in space and time via that magnificent spacesuit made literally out of starstuff that is our bodies. That is what that ray of light piercing through each blue background represents: the soul travelling through our lives. Utilizing an exceptional  palette of intense blue for the  whole series, a beam of light goes through each and every one of them: like a ray of the sun does in a dense blue sky. Composed of 13 brand new and exquisite artworks this solo show is located in the heart of London, at JD Malat Gallery in Mayfair and represents an intimate and inner journey for the observer himself: from the moment one walks into the room, it will be the artworks themselves leading  the  way: all of them appreciable both on their own and as an ensemble,  they  shall take the onlooker on a quest for the immortal search for meaning. Like a Keeper of Souls, the pervasive white line piercing the great protagonist of this artist’s new creation – a mix of Royal Indigo blue background  featuring the works – will conduct you through the exhibition, while the vivid colours at the heart of them will jump out of the canvases like the waves and splashes they represent, embracing the viewer in all their quiet force – a force unleashed by the artist in her signature technique of catching speed in nanoseconds, thus immortalizing all her kinetic force as paint on a canvas forever. Like the frozen light that makes up all of our physical world.

So, let a certain blue enter your Soul!

Text by Sebastian Di Giovanni 2021