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Fridriks is happy to anounce participation in the group exhibition ‘CrossOver’ Dellupi Arte,
starting from 26 January till 7th of April 2023, bringing together a selection of paintings by
international artists from the second halfof the 20th century.

The exhibition traces the main trends of the post-war period, bringing together key post-war
artists with different nationalities, artistic paths and expressive results, all united by the visual
language of abstraction. Works by post-war Masters, including Paul Jenkins and Georges
Mathieu, are exhibited alongside recent artworks by Katrin Fridriks and Yanyan Huang.
“CrossOver” focuses on the development of abstract visual language, tracing a trajectory
through art history to today’s research. The exhibition aims to connect past and present, giving
shape and new meanings to the abstract pictorial language. The lyrical power of the post-war
and contemporary art scene highlights a common path that transcends generations,
nationalities and artistic practices.

The exhibition testifies the experimentation of the pictorial language between the 1950s and
the 1960s: the ‘grattage’ technique in Hans Hartung’s masterpiece T1963-H26, the chromatic
explosions of the American Paul Jenkins, the material impasto of Pinot Gallizio’s painting. The
exhibition also includes rare canvases by Hisao Domoto and Toshimitsu Imai, two Japanese
artists transplanted in Paris, a combination of the new informal abstract trends of the 1950s
and the Oriental painting tradition.
Pioneers of a new abstract language, these artists were influential figures in the post-war art
world, profoundly influencing younger generations of artists.

The project is completed by recent works by contemporary artists Yanyan Huang and Katrin
Fridriks, the latter being featured in the exhibition with the powerful ‘Beam of Light – Gene &
Ethics’, emblematic of her painting style. Born in Iceland and living abroad, environmental
and forces of nature are the artist’s main source of inspiration. Vortexes of vibrant colours and
layers of matter, reminiscent of the dynamic forces of nature, populate hyperkinetic
compositions, where gravity, speed and growth merge with pop culture and calligraphic arts.
The project will also feature a bright painting by Chinese-born artist Yanyan Huang. Created in
2020, Silenzio del Tempo XVII is a kind of intimate and emotional diary, populated by personal
memories and lyrical gestures. Deeply influenced by lyrical abstraction and her multicultural
background, Huang’s oeuvre contains numerous allusions to traditional Chinese art,
calligraphy and references to mythology and classicism.