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With her current solo exhibition @ Lazarides Rathbone in London, conceptual artist Katrin Fridriks is introducing her vision of the affect of modern day monitoring and tracking technology on human identity.


The idea behind the Flying Awareness show is rising a-war-aness about the effects of such technology from social and political aspect. Her intention is to question whether society is aware of the reasoning behind the use of drones and surveillance cameras, and how monitoring and targeting is distorting and classifying human identification. These complex ideas are shown through her abstract paintings and her conceptual minimalist installations.

25062014 Katrin Fridriks-Lazarides MG_9962_150dpi

As a centerpiece of the show, FLY ZONE installation that consists of 9 round canvases and symmetrical  plexi lines, is indicating the location of the observer. Seen as a whole, it is representing navigation or targeting monitors with lines showing longitude and round canvases altitude.

25062014 Katrin Fridriks-Lazarides MG_0159_150dpi

From closer, micro view, the abstract images are representing distorted colorful patterns of a landscape over which the observer is flying.

25062014 Katrin Fridriks-Lazarides MG_0102_150dpi

Another piece that is exploring this subject and playing with perspective is Flying Awareness, 320x210cm installation consisting of 6 100x100cm canvases. With different color backgrounds, and one hyper colorful piece, these works are symbolizing abstract creatures taking off and flying. With silhouettes of birds or aliens appearing in them, the dynamic of these works is highlighted through mixing of splatters and flowing paint, strong contrasts, and different color of the side of the thick canvases.

25062014 Katrin Fridriks-Lazarides MG_9869_150dpi

The flying sensation and the weightless feeling present in her conceptual work, is further emphasized through silver reflective paper installation on the floor of the gallery. By removing the firm ground under their feet, Fridriks puts the visitor in loose space and makes them participate in her show. Reflected paper is a recurring element that she is often using in her work, visually pulling the observer inside her work. Such effect is noticeable in Reflecting Mind & Madness piece that is kind of a nod to Steve Lazarides and his twisted, explosive mind.

25062014 Katrin Fridriks-Lazarides MG_9955_150dpi

From the reflective paper in the window of the gallery to a projected footage of the show captured by an actual drone before the opening, the entire show is centered around monitoring and distorting reality. With observer’s own image ending deformed and blurred inside the reflective paper installation, along with Fridriks’ abstract landscapes, the entire concept of the show wraps around the visitor as the central point of this elaborate exhibition.

25062014 Katrin Fridriks-Lazarides MG_0135(2)_150dpi

Written by Sasha Bogojev – June 24, 2014
Photo by Cedric Pierre