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“I believe art is a very powerful tool of inspiration, a sort of guidance to raise awareness about environmental responsibility. My creativity builds on Nature’s endless ability to surprise, from Mother Earth to Interstellar Space, the FORCES OF NATURE, you find in every part of the galaxies. Most of my aesthetic originates from viewing our planet’s wonders and extreme phenomena driven by the same energy, impulsed by speed & gravity; they are the core of my work, both technically and mentally…” KF

Katrin Fridriks’s art (Reykjavik, 1974) is a synthesis of past, present and future. She has far-reaching roots, inspired by Japanese calligraphy, and gestural action; her compositions are populated by unpredictable dynamic form, animated by an emotional evocative abstraction able to cause the surfacing of unconscious landscapes of our mind. Her creations acquire an usual atmosphere and our perception is altered by unexpected perspective games. When facing the paintings of Fridriks, the viewer is invited to go beyond the simple vision of colour. The different layers of paint, the multitude of colours, the movement of the lines – to an attentive look – all give the impression of a surprising three-dimensionality. Thanks to a long and complex experimentation lasted years, the artist has perfected an unprecedented and unconventional pictorial technique that distinguishes her work with a unique, unmistakable and absolutely original style.
* The text is an extract from the essay by Ilaria Porotto, published in the monograph Katrin Fridriks. Forces of Nature, edited by Dellupi Arte in 2017.