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Whether looked upon in a gallery in center Mayfair, London or admired as part of the integral design of the sinuous and seamless lines of one of the most beautiful cars in the world – the Continental GT – our grey area collection of last year keeps taking central stage in the
public’s attention. So it is only befitting that its crown jewel – the Grey Area installation – found its place in one of the timeless modern buildings of our times: the WestLotto Headquarters in Germany.

Taking the center stage in the redesigned entrance area of WestLotto HQ in the city of Münster and surround by other magnificent work of art by some of the greatest talents of our times, Grey Area is composed of a series of triangles that – as you walk around it – will give the onlooking viewers the impression of the artwork changing right in front of their eyes. Made of
the same color and the same “black panel” structure as the building itself, this artwork seems to emerge out of it and allows the viewers themselves to be a part of the experience. It is the observer, moving around the painting, who will discover just how much one can
change by simply allowing one’s perspective to shift and it will speak differently to him each time they are confronted with one another.

In this latest concept and creation of hers, artist Katrin Fridriks could not have expressed the message in a better way: it is us and our perspective that has to change, it is up to us to change things. To paraphrase Proust’s work, we are invited not to see new landscapes but rather to have new eyes. Our beautiful world represents what is there to see and yet is rarely noticed.
Our Mother is in plain sight and yet remains unseen. We need to see again.

We need to change perspective.