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Running over 15 years of creation through 224 pages, this book gathers several critical quotes by Pierre Restany, Dr. Loftur Reimar and Dr. Klaus Speidel and features statements by the artist herself.

Shedding new light on Katrin Fridriks abstract universe and astonishing creations, and highlighted by Ilaria Porotto analysis, this book explains how Katrin Fridriks work brings new perspective and an innovative dimension to abstraction.

Preface by Luigi Dellupi, Main Text by Ilaria Porotto & Statements by Katrin Fridriks.

· Pages: 224 – paper 170 gsm

· Hardcover 3 mm Mat black, white ink silk-screened

· Embossed with selected varnish

· Hand signed by Katrin Fridriks

· Date of release: December 2017

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1 FRIDRIKS MonographBook 13DEC17 72dpi

2 FRIDRIKS MonographBook 13DEC17 72dpi

3 FRIDRIKS MonographBook 13DEC17 4_72dpi

4 FRIDRIKS MonographBook 13DEC17 3_72dpi

5 FRIDRIKS MonographBook 13DEC17 2_100dpi

6 FRIDRIKS MonographBook 13DEC17_100dpi