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For Berlin fashion week (17th – 22nd January 2012), Fridriks has taken up the challenge proposed by Grazia. With an innovative concept, she reinvents sneakers common use in transforming them into customized magazine holders.


As background & alluding to urban art: spray cans used to paint all shoes with a well-defined colorimetry: silver, gold, copper… reminding of Katrin’s metallic “Leak of Info” solo show at Circle culture gallery, Berlin/2011.


Then, Fridriks affixes her unique signature through acrylic paint giving an organic dimension to the so-sculpted shoes. Her unseen colorful drippings, as lava flows across rocks, cover each Nike shoe.


In yellow & black dominance, with blue and red shades, all perfectly aligned, as fresh information/news to read, spreading like wildfire so as to be the first. At the speed of light, every color slices through the others, finally leaving a mark, allowing reader thoughts to capture the nature of this new Odyssey.

The designed-shoes are totally unique & trendy art objects, ready to be hung on a wall to carry your most fashionable magazine.