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Perfect Storm

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Imagine if you could unlock a universal secret a principle so fundamental that it bridges the gap between the Microcosm & the Macrocosm, this is the essence of the Hermetic principles of ancient wisdom ‘As Above So Below’ this principle provides a lens to comprehend the intricate Dance of the Cosmos & our place within it, it invites us to see the harmonious interconnectedness of all things & empowers us to harness this understanding for personal growth, what if you could decipher the patterns of the stars in the palm of your hand or the secrets of the universe in a single atom, understanding the principle of Correspondence.

Collaboration Fridriks x Kalab Exhibition ‘Perfect Storm’ presented with BC Gallery in numerous shows in Swiss 2023.

Duo Solo Show June 1 – Oct. 15
Basel Social Club  June 11-18
KunstTagen Gallery weekend August 25-27

and now for the upcoming Venise Biennale 2024 at European Cultural Centre, Palazzo Bembo & Mora 20 April – 24 Nov. 2024.

“CC Atlanteans Thunderstorm », acrylics on canvas 100 x 120 cm