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Reykjavik Art Musuem

“Just Painted II”- Reykjavik Art Musuem
Exhibition at Kjarvalsstaðir
March 28 – June 7

In recent years the painting has been gaining an ever-stronger foothold worldwide. New emphasis and expansion of the medium has attracted attention and the focus has been on the diversity of contemporary painting. Iceland is no exception. Artists of all ages, with very different artistic styles and ideologies, have chosen the painting as their primary art medium. To give an overview of painting in Iceland today, the Reykjavík Art Museum presents two exhibitions at Hafnarhús and Kjarvalsstaðir displaying works by 85 active artists. Such an extensive overview of Icelandic contemporary painting has never been presented before.

Curators: Hafþór Yngvason and Kristján Jónsson.

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