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Waste Edition is arguably the most complex edition created by Katrin Fridriks and is marking her 4th collaboration with Avant Arte.

Highly conceptual, this elaborate release has challenged all of the participating creatives and professionals both on the intellectual and technical level. From its initial abstraction, over dialogues with experts from beyond the art world and unprecedented graphic design, to the manual production of the custom box and hand bound book, this team effort set new standards for fine art editions and redefined Fridriks’ ever evolving practice.

Taking the “waste” from her studio as the main inspiration and key element, the artist conceptualized a project which reflects her strong beliefs and notions about recycling, environment preservation and waste management. This edition is a “book in a box object”, focused on the satellite forms that gravitate around Katrin Fridriks vigorous paintings, “small treasures” that contain the same spirit as her body of work but beyond the canvas format.
Fabricated accidentally, as a residue of her creative process, the artist has been collecting these fragments of her larger works, keeping them as “ready-made” pieces which have developed their own meaning as “small treasures” that, while created beyond the boundary of the canvas, contain the same spirit as the main body of work.
On a technical level the edition is composed of a custom-made box that contains a mini Waste treasure selected by Katrin Fridriks, a catalog printed on a leporello displaying the 98 micro Waste painting of this special edition, along with a dialogue between art critic Dr. Klaus Speidel and scientist Dr. Loftur Reimar.
Sasha Bogojev

My creativity builds on Nature’s endless ability to surprise, from Mother Earth to Interstellar Space, the forces of Nature you find in every part of the galaxies. Most of my aesthetic originates from viewing our planet’s wonders and extreme phenomena driven by the same energy, impulsed by speed & gravity; they are the core of my work, both technically and mentally.

WASTE is a limited edition imagined by Katrin Fridriks from a selection of 98 original waste, collected between July and November after different painting sessions. Additionally to the edition of 98 ex, there are 17 AP, 3 SP, 3 SE.

Produced by Avant Arte, designed by Cédric Pierre, written by Klaus Speidel and Loftur Reimar, printed by Stipa in offset, screenprinted by Simon Roch. at Wonder/Liebert and bound by Marion Huchet & Anne-Claire Fessard of Atelier Dreieck.

Micro Paintings and thinking laterally about waste
For her new project, Katrin Fridriks transforms leftovers into works of art, declaring waste to be worthy of aesthetic attention.
What was a by-product of artistic creation thus becomes its product. Such a reframing more naturally relates to Marcel Duchamp’s Ready-Mades than to Jackson Pollock’s All-Overs. It is more common in conceptual art than in expressionistic painting. Each of the little pieces is a trace of a larger work, which it indexically evokes. But each of them is also a microcosm in itself, a work in virtue of the artist’s intentions.
We could call them micro paintings. Each micro painting is born twice: once when Fridriks works on a large canvas, and some of the paint splashes on the floor and a second time when she decides that a splash is worthy of appreciation in and of itself. But her reframing does not only connect this new series to conceptual art. It also evokes methods from outside the art world, for instance Lateral Thinking, used to induce new ways of seeing and systematically generate innovation through a change of perspective.
Klaus Speidel – PhD

Waste invested
When viewing work by Katrin, I am reminded of Hegel, who explained beauty as the spiritual making itself known sensuously. She makes abstract phenomena such as speed, gravity or growth tangible. Experience of art takes us to a different dimension, akin to the reality beyond, the realm of the mystic. As the Persian sufi poet Rumi wrote: “Somewhere between right and wrong, there is a garden – I will meet you there.”
Loftur Reimar – PhD

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