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Summer Exhibition

JD Malat Gallery is delighted to present its Summer Exhibition of 2022 featuring artworks by
Andrew Litten, Andy Moses, Ed Moses, Conrad Jon Godly, Zümrütoğlu, Georgia Dymock,
Georg Óskar, Katrin Fridriks, Luis Olaso, Anotherview, Masayoshi Nojo, Henrik Uldalen,
Darren Reid, Hande Sekerciler, Mio Yamato, Prince Obasi, Santiago Parra, Wesley George and
Kojo Marfo. Building a visual conversation between the artists, the selected pieces enable the
viewer to explore the abstract and figurative interpretations of the human body and the
natural world.

Displayed across two floors of the gallery, the Summer Exhibition 2022 unveils JD Malat
Gallery’s diverse roster of artists and their interpretations of the human condition and our
contemporary environment. Abstract paintings feature prominently across the ground floor,
with monumental works by Turkish painter Zümrütoğlu, displayed alongside the expressive
paintings of the late Ed Moses to unveil the rich dialogue between abstract painters across
different generations.

The multifaceted nature of the human form takes centre stage on the lower floor, featuring
engaging figurative paintings such as those by British artist Andrew Litten and Icelandic artist
Georg Oskar, revealing the contrasting approaches to exploring the human form and nature
through different painterly styles.

JD Malat Gallery is also proud to exhibit unseen work by Ghanaian artist Kojo Marfo, British
artist Georgia Dymock, and the newly introduced Nigerian artist, Prince Obasi. As a platform
dedicated to highlighting unique and pioneering voices across the art world, JD Malat Gallery
hopes to inspire the diverse public of London this summer with an engaging and diverse
exhibition of artworks that span the landscapes of abstract and figurative art.